Pascal Kerouche moved to New York after he finished his school. He went with the intention to film a documentary about the underground hip hop scene in New York. While filming he always took his photo camera out to take photos of the different music artists. Slowly his focus changed from filming to taking photos.

Since 2012 he works as a freelance photographer and director in Hamburg. He keeps going back and forth the United States to shoot with celebrities. At the moment he is documenting the current state of the German Hip Hop and Rap culture. Through the distance of the camera he gives it its own dynamic look and feel.

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Abseits des Mainstreams · Friday Rewind · Hamburg,  Germany

Long Time No See · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany
Los Angeles x Cleptomanicx · Donner Bar · Hamburg, Germany

ZweiNullEinsSieben · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany
Snapshot Stories x Sigma Expert Days · Haus der Fotografie, Deichtorhallen · Hamburg, Germany
Huawei P20 Pro Portraits · Photokina · Cologne, Germany
New Rave Groupshow · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany

Snapshot Stories · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany
Snapshot Stories Gallery Brunch · Sonos Home · Hamburg, Germany
Snapshot Stories · Lutherturm · Kassel, Germany
Snapshot Stories · Knotenpunkt x Urban Spree · Berlin, Germany
Snapshot Stories · 040 Festival · Hamburg, Germany
Die Welt braucht mehr Botschafter · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany
Knotenpunkt 17 · Hamburg, Germany

Snapshot Stories · Halbe / Halbe · Mainz, Germany
Open Show #7 x Reeperbahnfestival · Affenfaust Galerie · Hamburg, Germany 

Homicide Harlem · Fotofestiwal · Lodz, Poland
Almost Not Famous · Reeperbahnfestival · Hamburg, Germany
A Moment in Music · Addis Foto Fest · Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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