I took the whole family to a friend’s birthday yesterday, it was at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was real small, just his family and a couple of friends, I think a total of around 16 guests. So there was this really tall guy, and I mean I am tall, but he was TALL! So by the end of the night, in my head I painted the perfect picture, on how funny it would be me standing on a chair next to him and be the same size. Cool idea Pascal (it’s not like a 100 other people had this idea before)! So the night is coming to an end, and I walk up to my friend and be like: “Yo, can you take a photo of us?” and he already looked at me kind of crazy and said “Well, did u ask him if he wants to take a photo with you?” So I asked him and he was rather like saying “whatever, …” but not really was completely cool with it. At that point I still had this perfect picture in my head and was just excited about the joke I am about to pull of and jumped on a chair (remember, we in a restaurant in the middle of Beverly Hills). We took the photo (took two attempts since the flash was off), and … really … umm … I don’t think they got the joke (the chair is not even on the photo, its cut off)?

Now after all, I found out that this guy was actually Kevin Garnett. If you don’t know who the that is click here. So just to recap … in a rather family orientated dinner, where a super famous basketball player joins in just to have some peace and spend some time with his family there is still this one guy that asks for a photo, jumps on a chair in a super nice restaurant, … damn already click the fail button!