When I lived in San Francisco, I met this guy Lord Nez. He is original from Hollis, Queens, New York. I told him I been there, now you got to understand, somebody from europe will never be there, even somebody white will never be there. We are talking about the deep Queens project, so Nez looked at me and was like “Hell no! You never been in my hood!”. Matter of fact is I been there a couple of times, and always had my camera with me. So I started showing him photos and ends up that I been right by his building, and actually also on the roof of it. He was tripping out, and we became good friends from that moment on.

Later on we met again in New York and he introduced me to J. Simmons (Russel Simmons nephew – he has a big tattoo over his eyebrow that says SIMMONS – stupid). His wife had a real upscale clothing store, and in the back room he had his little man cave: video games, comic figures and music stuff. So he wanted to put out an album called ‘The Family Tree’ and he had the vision of the artwork totally mapped out, he wanted something that shows how the artist all make sense and connect with each other that are on there. So I brought his idea to the screen, and he was super happy. The actual project never came out. Here is how it looked like and the track list to it:


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